Utensilios que no pueden faltar en tu té matcha kit

Utensils that cannot be missing in your matcha tea kit

We have talked on many occasions about the enormous number of benefits that matcha tea has for your health . We have also seen delicious,sweet and salty recipes , medicinal plants that are not super well-known and many more topics.

What I haven't told you yet is what is needed to prepare a proper matcha tea, in the purest oriental style.

And it is that the elaboration of a quality ceremonial matcha tea requires certain tools that allow to obtain the maximum flavor and aroma of the drink. We are going to analyze the main instruments necessary for you to prepare this tea as God intended.


Instruments needed to prepare matcha tea


The chawan is a ceramic bowl specially designed for the preparation of ceremonial matcha tea. It should have a wide, shallow shape and a wide rim that allows easy manipulation with the hands. The chawan should be large enough to hold at least 40ml of hot water and a tablespoon of matcha tea. In addition, the ceramic material of the chawan helps to maintain the temperature of the tea and to bring out the color and texture of the matcha tea.


The chasen is a bamboo whisk specially designed to mix matcha tea with hot water. This whisk has a long, slender handle and a series of fine, flexible bristles that allow you to mix the matcha evenly and create a smooth foam on the surface of the drink. The foam is a key element of the tea, as it helps to enhance its flavor and texture and provides a pleasant visual experience.

It is important to choose a good quality chasen, as low quality whisks can easily break during use.


The whisk is a support specially designed for your chasen. It sounds silly, but it helps keep the whisk in shape, prevents it from warping, and thus helps it last longer. You already know that the details make the difference and, if you want to do it well at all, you have to go all out!


The chashaku is a bamboo spoon specially designed to measure the exact amount of matcha needed to prepare a cup of tea. The spoon should be large enough to hold about a teaspoon of matcha tea, and it should have a curved shape to make it easier to remove the tea from the packet. I always recommend using between 1 and 2 grams of tea and not exceeding 4 grams per day.

After each use, rinse it with water instead of detergent and dry it with a dry cloth.

tea filter

The tea filter is an optional accessory that is used to sift the matcha tea and remove any clumps or impurities that may be present in the mixture. This filter is especially useful for those using matcha powder instead of matcha leaves, as the powder can be more prone to clumping.

Water boiler

The kettle is a staple for preparing any type of tea, including ceremonial matcha tea. It is important to choose a kettle that allows you to precisely control the temperature. For matcha tea, it is recommended to use hot water at a temperature of around 70°C to 80°C as if it goes too hot it can affect the taste and texture of the tea.

But you don't have to go crazy: you can perfectly heat the water in the microwave or in a saucepan and that's it.

cleaning cloth

The cleaning cloth is essential in the tea ceremony because it is used to clean the chawan and chasen before and after each use. The cloth should be clean and dry before use, and should be made of a soft, absorbent cloth to remove any excess moisture from the chawan and chasen.

It is better for us to use a cloth in case we spill water or remains of powdered tea, as happened to me in this video .

It is important that you use these instruments to prepare your tea because each one of them fulfills a specific function that contributes to the quality of the drink and the overall experience.

I have added links in most of them because you can find them in my store but of course buy them where you want. Of course, do me a favor and do not buy metal whisks because they can affect the flavor and texture of the tea. Also, metal instruments can be too abrasive and damage the delicate ceramic or porcelain surface of the chawan, the bowl in which it is prepared, and the tea.

Keep in mind that bamboo is a natural and sustainable material, so it is doubly recommended.

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