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Convierte tu Té Matcha en un delicioso smoothie

Turn your Matcha Tea into a delicious smoothie

You probably think that Matcha Tea can only be taken in the form of an infusion. However, the possibilities are almost endless if we are inventive. This way you can give it a personal and delicious touch , also benefiting from the healthy properties of this type of tea. Take note!

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One of the most popular preparations is the milkshake, for which different ingredients can be included: apple, kale, vanilla essence, cinnamon, dates... But let's start with a simpler recipe . You will only need two previously frozen and sliced ​​bananas, a glass of coconut milk, 30 grams of spinach and, of course, a teaspoon of Matcha Tea.

Finally you just have to put all these ingredients in the blender. Of course, add the amount of coconut milk that is necessary. It is preferable that this Matcha Tea smoothie stays creamy and that later you add the milk that you consider.

In the same way, if you want it to be sweeter, you can add an extra banana and if, on the contrary, you want to enhance the flavor , then you can add more spinach. We encourage you to try more ingredients and adapt this smoothie to your liking!

        As you have been able to verify, this recipe, in addition to being easy, is healthy and is just an example of the different desserts that you can make with Matcha Tea to take at any time of the day. Follow this blog to stay up to date on more recipes!

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