Vuelve a la rutina con la energía del Té Matcha

Get back to the routine with the energy of Matcha Tea

Returning from vacation is always hard: you have to get up early, go to the office, do household chores such as cooking, washing, ironing... And gathering the necessary energy to face all this sometimes requires extra help .

If this is your case, in Matcha Tea you will find your best ally!

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More energy for longer

The L-Theanine of Matcha Tea helps regulate the absorption of caffeine that this plant also contains. Thus, it counteracts the stimulating effect of caffeine with the gradual and prolonged release of energy , which in turn prevents nervousness or anxiety from being experienced.

In this way, Matcha Tea, with half the caffeine that coffee itself contains, provides more energy and for longer. Up to 7 hours!

All these particularities of Matcha Tea have been evidenced by different studies published in such prestigious media as the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition , which through tests with various test groups have revealed its veracity.

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Other associated benefits

Matcha tea also improves brain function. This is the opinion of a group of researchers , who attribute to this plant the improvement of attention and reaction time, that is, concentration .

In the same way, it stimulates memory and all this affects performance and even creativity. Other conclusions that experts have reached is that Matcha Tea positively influences mood .

And these are just the effects that Matcha Tea has on the mind. That is why we invite you to discover how a daily cup of this infusion can change your life .

Stay tuned for updates to this blog, like recipes , and follow me on TikTok for more details about this superfood!

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