Cómo preparar un clásico Té Matcha

How to prepare a classic Matcha Tea

Preparing an infusion with Matcha Tea powder is easy, as well as healthy. Therefore, we are going to review the basic steps so that you can include this routine in your day to day.

measure the amount

First of all, you have to remember that it is advisable to use one gram of Matcha Tea per person in each cup you drink. To do this, you can guide yourself with a special spoon or chashaku , a traditional instrument of the Japanese tea ceremony that is available in our store.

If you have been consuming this tea for a while, you can add half a gram more and if you like strong flavors, then go directly to two grams.

The important thing is not to exceed the limit of five grams consumed of this tea per day.

sift it

With this expression we mean that you use a strainer and that you carefully pour the Matcha Tea powder into a bowl, which can be the chawan , made by hand.

If the strainer retains clumps, press them down with a spoon until they fall out.

add hot water

Heat water to 80º and then pour it little by little over the bowl where we have previously poured the powder.

beat it

Once you have all these ingredients ready, take a natural whisk, preferably bamboo, the chasen , and stir it calmly and quickly at the same time. In addition, with this whisk you will make sure to beat all the grains without leaving lumps.

Likewise, we recommend using the zigzag technique or alternative movements but without making circles.

taste it

Drink it carefully because it will be hot. If you prefer, you can also add milk and turn it into a matcha latte , whose texture is more foamy.

Now you know how to prepare Matcha Tea and how easy it is. In fact, after trying an experience as unique and comforting as this one, we assure you that you will want to repeat.

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