¡Entrevistamos a los fundadores de Matchaflix!

We interview the founders of Matchaflix!

From the Matchaflix marketing team, we have always been curious about every detail of this wonderful company we work for.

Every aspect of our day to day is permeated by the enthusiasm and desire of this pair of entrepreneurs and we experience their exponential growth as a success on a personal level as well.

So we have encouraged ourselves to sit down with them, have a good matcha and ask them EVERYTHING we wanted to know. We wanted to know the story behind this successful brand very well and share it with you, since you are a fundamental part of this entire project. As they always say, "you are our gasoline" and it is a great truth. Without the support and trust of all our clients and friends, everything would be much more complicated.

Join us and learn more about the brand that has revolutionized the world of matcha tea in Spain!

How did the idea of ​​creating an online herbal tea shop come about?

Both David and I went through a period of anxiety which made us stop consuming coffee; That's when we discovered matcha and, after noticing the improvements for ourselves, we decided to start marketing it together with the infusions in order to change the lifestyle of others for the better.

When did the inspiration come to you?

We both really wanted to start something really healthy and, after discovering matcha during the pandemic, we totally decided to bet on it. And it seems that we have not been wrong!

How do you start a business with these characteristics?

The first and most important thing is to have that mentality of I KNOW I'M GOING TO GET IT; you have to dare and bet on what you really believe will have a future.

We can all have the knowledge, the money to start too, but the most difficult thing is to fight for a project until you see its fruits.

It is also essential to have a great team behind and, above all, a true story with which the end customer feels identified or motivated.

Who is behind Matchaflix?

Behind Matchaflix are two brothers, David and Alba.

David is in charge of bringing the matcha and the infusions, clearing customs, health and general control over the company's numbers, apart from being the best infusion influencer on social networks.

While Alba is in charge of making sure that everything that happens in the production of the shipment is correct, along with the acquisition of the utensils and infusions, apart from carrying everything related to the workers.

What is a normal working day like at the company?

The truth is that, luckily, between all the employees and we are like a big family, so our day to day is more enjoyable being in a favorable environment.

David and I (Alba) are always watching over the company, doing all kinds of tasks while the videos or podcasts are packaged and edited .

What is the growth outlook for Matchaflix? Where do you want to go?

We have a very clear perspective: to be the reference store for herbal teas in Spain and compete with multinationals by being faithful to our product without lowering quality.

We are also very clear that we would love to become a large company, the closest thing to a multinational.

What is the favorite infusion of each team member?

Obviously our favorite infusion is the one with which we baptize this company: matcha , although I must add that I (Alba) am a great lover of relaxing infusions such as our Relax-Te infusion or our organic Rooibos .

David, on the other hand, prefers energizing infusions like our Red Tea with Cinnamon .

How did the idea of ​​appearing on TikTok come about? What do you enjoy the most about this part?

What is clear is that, today, the best platform to make visual is through social networks. They are a great way to publicize your product for free, so we are encouraged to make one; What we never imagined is that, thanks to David's charisma for the videos, we became advisers for infusions or, as we say, medicinal plants.

We love being able to broadcast everything related to the growth of our company and our own growth thanks to the benefits we obtain naturally.


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