El reto de Matchaflix: 21 días para cambiar tu vida 🔥

The Matchaflix challenge: 21 days to change your life 🔥

You know I don't stop. I am always thinking of different ways to introduce matcha tea into our lives because I am 100% convinced of its benefits and advantages for your health.

So I've decided to launch a 21-day challenge to create your new healthy habit . Here are the conditions! 👇

  • Duration: from January 11 to 31 .
  • Show every day in your networks how you drink matcha tea and tag us , both on the Instagram account (@matchaflix) and on the TikTok account (@matchaflix) .
  • If you consume Matchaflix tea , showing our cans or bags, you will win the complete pack valued at €50. As it is. No cheating or cardboard.
  • If you prefer to consume other brands (and that's how we all cheer up), you get the starter pack valued at €27.95 .

IMPORTANT! If your account is private, you will have to send us an image of your publication every day to verify that you meet the challenge.


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