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What is Matcha Tea?

Matcha Tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant or tea plant. It protects itself from the sun with soft blankets to slow its growth and increase the presence of amino acids , among other substances. Also for this reason it has an intense color .

The main cultivation area is Kagoshima in Japan , an ideal place due to its location and atmospheric qualities. It is always harvested the old way, that is, by pure and hard hand . Only once a year and usually at the beginning of May.

After harvesting , the leaves are dried and crushed in a stone mill in a completely handmade way, obtaining the soft powder that we already know. The best thing is that, thanks to this process, 100% of the leaves are used with all their properties , resulting in a quality product.


    100% Vegan

    Of vegetable origin and cruelty free


    Without gluten

    Suitable for celiacs and gluten intolerant



    To take even more care of your health


    100% Natural

    Realfood without cheating or cardboard


    100% Real

    Without GMOs or additives

  • Vegetable origin

    Suitable for Plant-based food

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my mission

Matcha tea helped me as an alternative drink to coffee or other energy drinks to stay active and focus. Now my goal is to help all people who want to feel better to recover their inner and outer balance thanks to the benefits of Matcha Tea.

  • Heat the water to 80ºC or 176ºF and make sure it does not boil

  • Pour 1 tsp = 1g of Matcha Tea in the chawan or in a conventional cup

  • Pour 100ml of the hot water over the Matcha Tea and mix with the chasen or whisk until frothy

  • For a Matcha Latte Tea :
    Add your favorite cold (even with ice) or hot and frothy milk and

    to enjoy!

Take the first step to improve your life and how you feel!

  • 1st week

    You will feel energy and more strength in the morning without being accompanied by nerves or anxiety

  • 1st month

    You will begin to notice the focus and concentration you have gained

  • 3rd month

    You will notice the antioxidant effects inside and outside and you will even have lost body fat

  • 🌿 It is a superfood :

    1 cup of matcha tea is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea

    🌱 Rich in fiber, vitamins and iron

    🔥 Help burn fat . Helps your digestions and reduces blood sugar levels

    💚 Antioxidant : Good for your hair, nails and to delay cell aging

  • 👌 Does not generate anxiety or nerves : stimulates the mind and relaxes the body

    🧪️ Strengthen your immune system and fight infections

    💡 Increase concentration

    💰 Only €0.20 each cup (1gram/glass)