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forward on hold

forward on hold

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If the order could not be delivered to the customer due to lack of data or absence of the same, it will be deposited in a Parcel Shop, leaving the customer a record by email or SMS.

If the latter does not pick up the order from the Parcel Shop within a period of two weeks, the order will be returned to origin according to the transport agency's policy, so the customer must pay €2.90 for its reshipment.


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  • Heat the water to 80ºC
    or 176ºF and make sure
    that does not boil

  • Pour 1 tsp = 1g of Matcha Tea in the chawan or in a conventional cup

  • Pour 100ml of the hot water over the Matcha Tea and mix with the chasen or whisk until frothy

  • For a Matcha Latte Tea :
    Add your favorite cold (even iced) or hot frothy milk and enjoy!

  • 1st week

    You will feel energy and more strength in the morning without being accompanied by nerves or anxiety

  • 1st month

    You will begin to notice the focus and concentration you have gained

  • 3rd month

    You will notice the antioxidant effects inside and outside and you will even have lost body fat

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