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Matcha Tea Accessories

Matcha Tea Accessories

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They are really liking the utensils I use in my videos to prepare matcha tea, so I have decided to bring two different packs for you to prepare your tea with all the essential elements of the oriental tradition:

  • The first pack is the Chinese Porcelain, which includes a bowl with opening, a chasen (bamboo whisk), a chashaku (bamboo spoon) and a whisk (bamboo whisk). The porcelain bowl has a perfectly designed opening to help you whisk your matcha evenly and smoothly, while the chasen and chashaku allow you to measure and stir the ideal amount of tea.
  • The second pack that I have prepared is the Japanese Glass one, which includes a bowl with opening, a glass, a whisk or bamboo whisk, a chashaku and a chasen. The glass bowl is designed to maintain the ideal temperature of the tea while you admire its deep green color and texture.

Both are perfect for those who want to have an authentic matcha tea experience at home. And which one do you prefer?



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