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Teapot for infusions

Teapot for infusions

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The infusion teapot with infuser is a true treasure for lovers of teas and infusions. This exquisite teapot is practical and elegant, completing your experience.

The standout feature of this teapot is its stainless steel infuser, which sits in the center. Being removable, it allows you to prepare your infusions easily and comfortably. Simply add your favorite tea leaves or ingredients into the infuser, pour in hot water, and allow the flavors to blend to perfection.

Additionally, the infuser ensures that the ingredients stay contained during the brewing process, avoiding any residue from your cup. And you can adjust the intensity of the infusion according to your preferences.

The kettle also features an ergonomic, heat-resistant handle that allows you a comfortable and secure grip while pouring. Its precisely designed pour spout ensures a smooth and precise flow without spillage.

try it. You will notice the difference!


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