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Adventure Pack

Adventure Pack

Let yourself be carried away by a unique experience with the Adventurer Infusions pack. Includes a 100g infusion, a blue porcelain cup and a practical infuser. In addition, we have included a spoon so you can dose with precision. Dive into a world of flavors and enjoy every sip with our exclusive pack!
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They help to relax the body and mind, prevent diseases, improve digestion, promote hydration, help you with any diet and they are delicious!


Infusions and 100% natural plants.

What includes

Infusion 100g
Blue mug
Motivational magnet
Explanatory brochure
A unique motivational phrase

-An eBook that will change your life

Shipping costs

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If the tea does not seem to you of quality, I will refund your money

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  • 100% vegano
  • Sin gluten
  • Sin azúcar
  • 100% Natural
  • Heat the water to 80ºC or 176ºF and make sure it does not boil

  • Pour 1 tsp = 1g of Matcha Tea in the chawan or in a conventional cup

  • Pour 100ml of the hot water over the Matcha Tea and mix with the chasen or whisk until frothy

  • For a Matcha Latte Tea :
    Add your favorite cold (even with ice) or hot and frothy milk and

    to enjoy!

  • 1st week

    You will feel energy and more strength in the morning without being accompanied by nerves or anxiety

  • 1st month

    You will begin to notice the focus and concentration you have gained

  • 3rd month

    You will notice the antioxidant effects inside and outside and you will even have lost body fat