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Pennyroyal is an infusion that will help you relax and calm your stomach after a heavy meal.

Combined with fresh mint, this herbal blend offers a relaxing flavor that will help ease stress and anxiety.

An infusion of a lifetime, 100% natural and without preservatives.

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It will help you relax and settle your stomach after a heavy meal.


Pennyroyal (50%), mint (50%).

What includes

-Premium Infusion (1 cup = 2g)
-Bamboo spoon 1g
-Motivational magnet
-Explanatory brochure
-A unique motivational phrase

-An eBook that will change your life

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If the tea does not seem to you of quality, I will refund your money

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  • 100% vegano
  • 100% Natural
  • Heat the water to the recommended temperature for each infusion

  • Put 2 tsp = 2g in an infuser and let it rest

  • Ready to enjoy! Take it hot or cold, you choose.

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