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There is life beyond ibuprofen and aspirin, and it is 100% natural! Clear-Tea is the best infusion for headaches.

It helps you to soften the symptoms, with which you will be able to relax and increase your concentration. And it tastes great! Try it and tell me what you think.

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Relieves headache.


Rosemary, mint, willow, lemon balm, hawthorn.

What includes

-Premium Infusion (1 cup = 2g)
-Bamboo spoon 1g
-Motivational magnet
-Explanatory brochure
-A unique motivational phrase

-An eBook that will change your life

Shipping costs

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If the tea does not seem to you of quality, I will refund your money

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  • 100% vegano
  • 100% Natural
  • Heat the water to the recommended temperature for each infusion

  • Put 2 tsp = 2g in an infuser and let it rest

  • Ready to enjoy! Take it hot or cold, you choose.

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