About us

At Matchaflix we adore MATCHA TEA and for this reason, our main objective is to provide a product of the highest quality , 100% natural and, what is most important, gluten-free and sugar-free so that we can all drink it.

The reason for our existence is none other than to publicize this new superfood full of wonderful benefits. For this reason, we are going to promote and recommend introducing it into people's daily lives, in order to improve their quality of life. It's time to feel better, don't you think?

Our suppliers have been masters of this culinary art for more than 200 years in Japan. They also have an ecological, sustainable and organic way of working, so Matcha has an impressive natural flavor.

Although Matcha has been consumed in the East for years, it is already reaching Europe little by little, so our mission will be none other than to make the best possible matcha available to you.

The Matchaflix Group