Té Matcha de Mercadona vs Matchaflix

Matcha tea from Mercadona vs Matchaflix

If you follow Matchaflix on TikTok , you may have seen more than one video where I explain the main differences between the matcha tea we offer and Mercadona Matcha Tea, the best of the bad ones .

When I talk about "bad teas" I mean those that are sold in supermarkets , where large volumes prevail over quality . None of these teas have the same characteristics, even though they are of the same type, nor are they premium . Something that, on the other hand, usually happens when working in bulk.

On the contrary, our ceremonial Matcha Tea , for example, is produced with care, paying attention to even the smallest details. That is why it is also more expensive. However, a product made by hand , of good quality and that offers guarantees should never be cheap. And if that's how they sell it to you, don't trust it!

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Likewise, if you don't have much of a budget, I advise you to start your healthy routine with Mercadona Matcha Tea. This one tastes better if you drink it on its own, as an infusion, although you can also add a little milk to it and thus turn it into a matcha latte .

And once you get the taste for it, don't hesitate and switch to our premium Matcha Tea . In fact, you will notice big differences in the color, since Matchaflix is ​​an intense green, and also in the taste, since it combines softness and intensity; without forgetting, of course, the multiple benefits it brings to our body:

  • Consuming this tea regularly provides us with more energy and sustainably throughout the day. All this without experiencing the anxiety that coffee can generate.
  • It is a natural fat burner .
  • Regulates blood sugar levels .
  • It does not contain gluten and is suitable for vegans .

Thus, if you buy Mercadona march tea, you will spend less but if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long term , I recommend that you get Matchaflix products. Your mind and body will thank you.

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