El Té Matcha, apto para controlar la hipertensión

Matcha Tea, suitable for controlling hypertension

Everyone knows that tea contains theine, an active principle similar to caffeine except for some differences.

It is true that theine produces a stimulating effect . However, theine is not absorbed in the same way. In fact, the tannins of the theine make the body assimilate it slowly and progressively. For that reason, tea doesn't have the immediate yet fleeting energy hit that coffee does. Thus, Matcha Tea, for example, manages to enhance concentration without causing us to experience nervousness or anxiety.

On the other hand, this same tea is also capable of controlling heart rate , so it is also suitable for those with hypertension. Regardless of the cause, high blood pressure increases your chances of having a stroke, kidney disease, or early death. So drinking Matcha green tea, for example, can be a turning point in your life.

An escape route from stress

It is also worth highlighting another of the compounds in this type of tea: L-Theanine . It is an amino acid that the human body is not capable of producing, although it is very beneficial in different ways.

In turn, this substance influences hormones such as dopamine, responsible for regulating sleep among other functions, and serotonin, responsible for emotions and mood .

That is why Matcha Tea manages to relax to the point of affecting cortisol levels, a hormone that is released in response to stress, thus achieving a perfect balance between staying active and calm at the same time.

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moderate consumption

It is important to remember that you should avoid consuming more than five grams of tea in a single day, which would be equivalent to five cups.

In fact, experts consider that with just one or two grams, that is, a couple of cups, we achieve the desired effects for our health and well-being .

In addition, it is convenient to take the last cup of Matcha Tea at least five hours before going to sleep.

If you want to know more about the effects that this type of tea produces in people with different pathologies, keep reading our blog and also visit my profile on TikTok .

You will not cease to be surprised with the potential that this tea has!

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