Cinco propiedades saludables del Té Matcha

Five healthy properties of Matcha Tea

Listing the properties of Matcha green tea is ideal, as well as timely, to introduce you to what will mean a revolution for your well-being .

It should be noted that the leaves of this tea have a huge amount of nutrients . A proven fact that, added to the way to take it, in powder form, concentrates all its benefits to take care of our body and also our mind.

For all these reasons, these are the 5 most important properties of this superfood .

antioxidant power

If you wonder what Matcha Tea is for, you can find the answer in our cells and how this drink helps to slow down premature aging.

This translates into looking healthier skin, hair and nails. However, the effects go further, since it also strengthens our immune system , preventing infections and diseases such as diabetes or cancer.

Cleansing and digestive effect

Another of the compounds that is part of Matcha Tea is chlorophyll, capable of eliminating harmful substances from our body . Thus, cholesterol and blood sugar levels can be controlled, for example.

All in all, this type of tea benefits digestive health , being especially useful for those who suffer from nervous stomach ailments or inflammatory intestinal ailments.

natural fat burner

Another of the properties that should be highlighted is that Matcha Tea loses weight . In this way, and as experts have been able to demonstrate, this tea is capable of increasing the so-called thermogenesis, the burning of calories carried out by the body.

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Increases concentration and reduces stress

This is due to L-Theanine , an amino acid that is not produced by the human body and is found naturally in teas such as green.

In turn, L-Theanine has a special influence on dopamine and serotonin, hormones related to concentration, memory and other cognitive processes, as well as mood, among many other factors.

In this way, one of the properties of Matcha green tea is based on stimulating concentration and improving sleep thanks to the relaxation it produces, something that also affects cortisol levels and the way our body deals with stress. .

Combat physical and mental exhaustion

This is due to the caffeine levels it contains. So this tea is capable of recharging energy without generating anxiety.

If after reading this post you feel curious, do not hesitate to try Matchaflix Matcha Tea. In a matter of days you will notice how you feel better .

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